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Buzz is a Digital Marketing Show powered by Dentainment! This web-based show will cover a range of topics, strategies and initiatives to help take your Dental Practice to an entirely new level of success.

Buzz Dental Marketing

Buzz Dental: Digital Marketing for the Dental Community

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- 106 Episodes
Feb 17, 2024
On this episode of BUZZ, we revisit the Marketing power of video that is created with intention and focus but not necessarily premier production quality.  Filming a video with your mobile phone that delivers a clear and authentic message can...
08:22 min
Feb 10, 2024
On this episode of BUZZ, we explore the potential marketing opportunities presented by the exterior of your practice; consider the significance of setting precise marketing objectives, monitoring advancements, and commemorating achievements; examine...
09:00 min
Feb 5, 2024
On this episode of BUZZ, we suggest innovative approaches to strategically repurpose existing video content for Dental Marketing initiatives at your Practice.  While consistently acquiring fresh video and photography remains crucial for enriching...
08:42 min