Social Media for Dentist

Buzz Episode 202: Interactive Website Chat Feature

On this episode of BUZZ, we explore how placing an Interactive Chat Feature on your Dental Website can impact lead generation for New Patients.

Capitalizing on the importance of texting provides your Dental Practice with a way to interact with

Buzz Episode 197: 4 Tips for Better Dental Video Marketing

On this episode of BUZZ, we present four tips for improving Video Marketing for your Dental Practice.

Producing high quality, high impact content no longer requires big cameras and big crews. These tips will help guide you to creating powerful

Buzz Episode 190: Dental Sleep Apnea Training – Chat with Nicole Greenman and Dr. Steven Greenman of DSM Solutions

On this episode of BUZZ, we are joined by two very special guests: Nicole Greenman and Dr.
Steven Greenman of DSM Solutions.

We talk about the variety of benefits that implementing Dental Sleep Apnea into your Practice offerings can have.

Buzz Episode 151: Share Your Story

Today on BUZZ, we offer a very personal tip to help you maximize your Dental Marketing efforts.

We share how telling your personal story of what inspired you to begin your Dentistry career can create a whole new dynamic and

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