Dentists Marketing

Buzz Episode 187: How To Increase Your Dental Website Conversions

On today’s episode of BUZZ, we explore the inherent marketing value of long standing community businesses.

If your Dental Practice has a rich and lengthy history in your community, it should be featured in your marketing. Because a tradition of excellence is a story that brings many benefits to your Dental Practice.

Buzz Episode 154: The 8×10 Tag

Today on BUZZ, we offer a creative, fun, and effective way to engage with small businesses in your neighborhood.

In past episodes we’ve explained how tagging on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter is very helpful in connecting with the local business community. But in today’s episode, we talk about how an offline tag – a framed 8×10 image of your team, presented to a local business – can be a powerful way to get consistent engagement and reach in your community.

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