Buzz Episode 135: Becoming A Rainmaker – Dental Insurance Messaging Tips

In this episode of BUZZ, we speak with Tom Mayer, Founder of Spirit Dental, who discusses ways to enhance Dental Insurance messaging.

We explain that with millions of retiring baby boomers and gig economy workers looking for individual Dental Plans, the time is ripe to capitalize on this huge market with effective messaging strategies – everything from live chat to memorable phone numbers and domain names.

Buzz Episode 134: The Power of Instagram Advertising

This episode of BUZZ explores how to leverage the power of Instagram Advertising.

Instagram is fast emerging as a dominant platform, and with its aspirational vibe and focus on faces and smiles, it’s the perfect vehicle for promoting your Dental Practice. Here we discuss some of the ways to put this unique advertising medium to work for you.

Buzz Episode 127: How To Create The Ideal Dental Patient Experience

In this episode of BUZZ, we speak with Kendall Butler, Senior Practice Management Consultant at Schenck, who discusses ways to improve the efficiency and profitability of your practice.

Ms. Butler describes how a “culture of care” can make a huge difference in the patient experience. Little things like aromatherapy and fish tanks in the waiting area, to more substantial efforts like personal contact with patients throughout the year-not just when their next appointment is due. She explains how personalization driven by passion is the secret ingredient.

Buzz Episode 121: Dental Marketing Strategies for the CE Courses You Complete

In this episode of BUZZ, we speak with Dr. John Wayland, owner of Western Surgical and Sedation, and we explore innovative ways to market the Clinical Education courses you complete.

Dr. Weyland explains the benefits of these 6-day CE courses, ranging from IV sedation to surgical extraction, and how best to market the experience for your dental practice. Ideas discussed include posting images and video to your blog or website, creating link backs, and refreshing your site with optimized new content.

Buzz Episode 120: Sharing Local Content

In this episode of BUZZ, we look at a key way to improve your Social Media conversation by engaging with your local community.

We discuss how helping promote local businesses, events, and openings on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook help position your practice as a member of the community, rather than someone trying to sell something.

Buzz Episode 119: Marketing for Specialists

In this episode of BUZZ, we discuss three surefire marketing strategies designed to enhance office referrals.

We look at interactive engagement on social platforms, and how important it is to scale that engagement regularly. We cover how to optimize your video content, so it reaches beyond your website. Finally, we talk about the importance of a strong digital newsletter.

Buzz Episode 118: Your Dental Website Speed

In this episode of BUZZ, we discuss website loading speed, and how important it is for your Dental Practice’s website to load quickly. We cover how a faster loading speed can account for an increase in revenue. Plus, we pinpoint factors which can degrade performance. Watch to find out how to diagnose your website’s loading speed, and easy steps you can take to increase it.

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