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Buzz Episode 145: Tips on Using Instagram Filters

On today’s episode of BUZZ, we discuss how best to use photo and video filters on Instagram with your Dental Office content.

We explain how some filters are more effective than others in reaching your audience. We explore how to

Buzz Episode 121: Dental Marketing Strategies for the CE Courses You Complete

In this episode of BUZZ, we speak with Dr. John Wayland, owner of Western Surgical and Sedation, and we explore innovative ways to market the Clinical Education courses you complete.

Dr. Wayland explains the benefits of these 6-day CE courses, …

Buzz Episode 120: Sharing Local Content

In this episode of BUZZ, we look at a key way to improve your Social Media conversation by engaging with your local community.

We discuss how helping promote local businesses, events, and openings on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook help position …

Buzz Episode 115: Education Based Marketing

In this episode of BUZZ, we cover the importance of Education Based Marketing. Providing valuable and insightful content on a variety of Oral-Health Topics will be tremendously powerful for your Dental Marketing Campaign Strategy. We explore the genius and creativity …

Buzz Episode 114: Yoga And Dentistry

In this enlightening episode of BUZZ, we discuss the extraordinary benefits of practicing Yoga on a daily basis. Incorporating this ancient practice into your routine will generate calmness, focus and equanimity. In turn, your personal life and Dental Office will …

Buzz Episode 113: National Dentists Day

In this episode of BUZZ, we celebrate National Dentists Day! Such a fun and important holiday for your Dental Practice to celebrate. Check out our website for tips, ideas and images to use:

To submit topics you’d like covered …

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