Dental Implant Marketing

Buzz Episode 226: Finding Your Niche

On this episode of BUZZ, we are joined by special guest Dr. Jack Ringer. On the cusp of celebrating forty years in practice, Dr. Ringer illustrates the journey of targeting and cultivating his Dental niche. Dr. Ringer also shares some

Buzz Episode 225: Inspiring Your Dental Team For Creativity

On this episode of BUZZ, we explore how cultivating a culture of creativity within your Dental Practice can yield marketing approaches that are not only fun but truly effective.

Show Produced by Dentainment

Dentainment is a Digital Creative Marketing

Buzz Episode 159: Benefits of Dental Membership Plans for Practices and Patients

On this episode of BUZZ, we share an exciting and insightful conversation with Dave Monahan, CEO of Kleer.

Dental Membership Plans are a powerful alternative to contemporary insurance options and benefit the Dental Practice in a number of ways. What

Buzz Episode 158: The 10X Dental Implant Marketing Method

On this episode of BUZZ, we present the fifteen initiatives that comprise the 10X Dental Implant Marketing Method.

These fifteen initiatives constitute a powerful marketing program for Dental Implant reach, but are also equally effective for other treatments and services

Buzz Episode 129: Seven Dental Implant Marketing Tips

This episode of BUZZ features seven indispensable marketing tips for improving Dental Implant revenue at your practice.

As any Dental practitioner worth his eyeteeth knows, marketing a specialty like implants requires creative, targeted messaging. In this podcast we cover tips

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