Buzz Episode 115: Education Based Marketing

In this episode of BUZZ, we cover the importance of Education Based Marketing. Providing valuable and insightful content on a variety of Oral-Health Topics will be tremendously powerful for your Dental Marketing Campaign Strategy. We explore the genius and creativity behind Bulletproof Coffee and their approach to Education Based Marketing.

Buzz Episode 114: Yoga And Dentistry

In this enlightening episode of BUZZ, we discuss the extraordinary benefits of practicing Yoga on a daily basis. Incorporating this ancient practice into your routine will generate calmness, focus and equanimity. In turn, your personal life and Dental Office will all benefit. We are thrilled to have Christina Pastan, DMD as our Guest Guru on this show.

Connecting with ourselves so we can care for others is what Dr. Pastan is all about. Explore more today:

Buzz Episode 113: National Dentists Day

In this episode of BUZZ, we celebrate National Dentists Day! Such a fun and important holiday for your Dental Practice to celebrate. Check out our website for tips, ideas and images to use:

Buzz Episode 112: Brushing Bear “Social Media” Contest

In this episode of BUZZ, we’ll cover the fun and powerful “Social Media Contest” idea of the Brushing Teddy Bear. Leveraging the power of this playful content strategy will ensure reach, engagement and conversion.

See you at Hinman 2018 in Atlanta!

Hi BUZZ Audience! Are you attending the Thomas P. Hinman meeting this year? If so, register for one of our courses on Digital Marketing.

Episode 111: How Your “Near Me” Search Results Impact New Patient Flow

In this episode of BUZZ, we chat with Amber and Matt from Podium on the importance of “Near Me” searches for your Dental Practice. Text Messaging, Google Reviews and Micro-Moments with your patients is hugely important.

Buzz Episode 110: Dental Practice Acquisitions

In this episode of BUZZ, we talk with America’s Leading Dental Coach Bill Blatchford of Blatchford Solutions. Bill discusses the strategies and techniques behind acquiring the proper Dental Practice. At the end of the day, this move alone can be one of the greatest marketing moves you ever do.

Buzz Episode 109: The Power Of When

In this episode of BUZZ, we cover the concept of whether the timing of Social Media posts matter. We dig deep into the scheduling and what really matters.

Buzz Episode 108: #Hashtags

In this episode of BUZZ, we cover the power of #Hashtags and how their judicious usage can lead to your content popping on timelines as well as increased branded reach and engagement.

Buzz Episode 107: Automating Automation

In this episode of BUZZ, we cover the power of Automating Automation with your Dental Office Google Reviews. By leveraging the power of Podium, you’ll be able to scale up Google Reviews faster and more efficiently.

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