Buzz Episode 226: Finding Your Niche

On this episode of BUZZ, we are joined by special guest Dr. Jack Ringer. On the cusp of celebrating forty years in practice, Dr. Ringer illustrates the journey of targeting and cultivating his Dental niche. Dr. Ringer also shares some

Buzz Episode 225: Inspiring Your Dental Team For Creativity

On this episode of BUZZ, we explore how cultivating a culture of creativity within your Dental Practice can yield marketing approaches that are not only fun but truly effective.

Show Produced by Dentainment

Dentainment is a Digital Creative Marketing

Buzz Episode 224: Trust Signals for Dental Websites

On this episode of BUZZ, we discuss how placing Trust Signals strategically on your Dental Website homepage can enhance your status as a trusted resource and lead to increased new patient conversion. We encourage you to showcase any affiliations, awards

Buzz Episode 223: Updating Website Content

On this episode of BUZZ, we cover the importance of keeping your Dental Website content updated consistently.

Updating the content on your entire website is hugely important for Search Engine Optimization, along with conversion. Make sure to keep all services,

Buzz Episode 222: 5 Tips For Video Optimization

On this episode of BUZZ, we present five tips for optimizing your Dental Practice video content. These tips will help ensure maximum viewership, SEO optimization and brand impact.

Video is considered the heaviest form of multi-media content to share across

Buzz Episode 221: Implementing Dental Sleep Apnea

On this episode of Buzz, we are joined by Nicole Greenman and Dr. Steven Greenman of DSM Solutions. Nicole and Dr. Greenman detail the patient benefits and the revenue benefits of adding Sleep Apnea Treatment to the menu of service

Buzz Episode 220: Red Bull Brand Vitalization

On this episode of Buzz, we invite you to be inspired by the marketing techniques of energy drink maker Red Bull. While not all of their marketing efforts are applicable to Dentistry, their sponsorship of local events is a viable

Buzz Episode 219: Near Me Searches for Dentists

On this episode of Buzz, we cover the importance of location settings in your Google Adwords campaigns and how they can impact the results of “Near Me” searches with New Patients.

Explore Google AdWords for your Dental Practice here:

Buzz Episode 218: The Power of Business Cards

On this episode of BUZZ, we cover the continued importance of Business Cards as a marketing tool for your Dental Practice. We also explore ways to incentivize your Team members to carry and distribute their Business Cards in your local

Buzz Episode 217: How To Increase Practice Valuations with Dental Marketing Success

In this episode of Buzz, we chat with special guest Rex Plamann from DDS Match.

We learn what’s attractive to buyers when looking to acquire Dental Practices. Rex shares a plethora of wisdom and stories from years of doing Dental

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