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Buzz Episode 124: Voice Search for Dental Websites

In this episode of BUZZ, we explain the importance of Voice Search to your Dental Practice.

We discuss how voice search is growing exponentially, and how these conversational terms need to be incorporated into your website SEO strategy-to help your website rank higher in website searches.

Buzz Episode 123: Becoming Dr. Spielberg

In this episode of BUZZ, we explore ways to put the power of video to use for your Dental Practice.

We discuss how a smart video content strategy can do wonders to improve overall traffic, increase conversion rates for New Dental Patients, and much more. With video responsible for over 70% of all Internet traffic (and growing), a sound video strategy makes sense.

Tips include how long your videos should be, where to film, what features of your practice to include, and which platforms work best.

Buzz Episode 122: Facebook Advertising Tip for “Sweet” ROI

In this episode of BUZZ, we discuss an easy way to improve the ROI of your Facebook Advertising campaigns.

We show you how to Boost and Promote your postings by targeting people in your area who already “Like” your Facebook page. It’s simple, effective and helps build rapport.

Buzz Episode 121: Dental Marketing Strategies for the CE Courses You Complete

In this episode of BUZZ, we speak with Dr. John Wayland, owner of Western Surgical and Sedation, and we explore innovative ways to market the Clinical Education courses you complete.

Dr. Weyland explains the benefits of these 6-day CE courses, ranging from IV sedation to surgical extraction, and how best to market the experience for your dental practice. Ideas discussed include posting images and video to your blog or website, creating link backs, and refreshing your site with optimized new content.

Buzz Episode 120: Sharing Local Content

In this episode of BUZZ, we look at a key way to improve your Social Media conversation by engaging with your local community.

We discuss how helping promote local businesses, events, and openings on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook help position your practice as a member of the community, rather than someone trying to sell something.

Buzz Episode 119: Marketing for Specialists

In this episode of BUZZ, we discuss three surefire marketing strategies designed to enhance office referrals.

We look at interactive engagement on social platforms, and how important it is to scale that engagement regularly. We cover how to optimize your video content, so it reaches beyond your website. Finally, we talk about the importance of a strong digital newsletter.

Buzz Episode 118: Your Dental Website Speed

In this episode of BUZZ, we discuss website loading speed, and how important it is for your Dental Practice’s website to load quickly. We cover how a faster loading speed can account for an increase in revenue. Plus, we pinpoint factors which can degrade performance. Watch to find out how to diagnose your website’s loading speed, and easy steps you can take to increase it.

Buzz Episode 117: Dental Team Genius

In this episode of BUZZ, we cover the power of your entire Dental Office Team generating content. Creating content from a variety of sources at your practice can be helpful, ranging anywhere from receptionists to hygienists. When everyone at the Dental Practice is focused on “Storytelling” and creating unique content, your entire Digital Marketing Strategy will benefit.

Buzz Episode 116: Feel The Buzz – Design Tips, Customer Experience And Entrepreneurial Wisdom

In this episode of BUZZ, we chat with the Founder of GOBY Toothbrushes Ben Goldberg. We cover the importance of Design, Branding and remarkable Customer Experiences. Whether you’re running a Dental Practice or thinking about becoming an Entrepreneur, this conversation will inspire you in many ways.

Buzz Episode 115: Education Based Marketing

In this episode of BUZZ, we cover the importance of Education Based Marketing. Providing valuable and insightful content on a variety of Oral-Health Topics will be tremendously powerful for your Dental Marketing Campaign Strategy. We explore the genius and creativity behind Bulletproof Coffee and their approach to Education Based Marketing.

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